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    Valentine's Day In ECY

    The Valentine's Day is a beautiful occasion that speaks of love and shows care to others. We all want to do something special and extraordinary for our love...

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    BTB Prom night at Pullman, Jakarta

    It was raining the day the Promenade was held. A long trail of lights from the cars ahead of us flared red, bringing us to realize that we were going to be late...

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    Congratulation ( UNSW-ICAS 2016 Results )

    This year, BTB School is proud to announce that there are eight medals won by our students, namely :   Name Grade Medal / Subject ...

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    Happy Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year, "Spring Festival" in modern China, is celebrated to honor deities as well as the ancestors. In BTB, it is our tradition to celebrate...

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    Grade 5 Team Building Camp : A Remembrance !

    The Team Building Camp is one of the highlight activities of the grade 5 students. This activity is very special for us because this is the first time that we a...

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BTB School

BTB offers an education with everything required to forge good men and women. Our graduates are young people who understand the value of the concept of a global citizen and who can put those skills to use in our increasingly small world. BTB School inspires and encourages every child to become his best self.

The fundamental values of good schooling haven’t really changed over time. It’s through the creation of remarkable learning experiences combined with energetic, dedicated staff that results become a reality.

BTB has constructed a learning program that blends rigour and experience through doing, a wonderful balance that the staff is dedicated to maintaining as an integral part of how this school functions.

The values of BTB are important to the school’s ethos and these are to be preserved and celebrated. The rich and diverse co-curricular program is an important part of developing the all-round personality of students.


Congratulations ( JISMO 2016 Results )

We are happy to inform you that the JISMO 2016 results.
This year, BTB School is proud to announce that there are eighteen medallists from our school, namely :

Name Grade Medal / Subject
Akira Dante Primary 2 Diamond – Science
Josh Micah Wahyudisheno Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Annabelle Zoe Gunawan Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Charlene Siawira Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Nadine Octavia Sudjarwo Primary 2 Good Effort – Science
Novrelya Clara Sidik Primary 3 Good Effort – Science
Feivel Sugiarto Primary 4 Emerald – Science
Vania Theola C.P. Primary 4 Emerald – Science
Akira Dante Primary 2 Diamond – Mathematics
Dave Auddric Riccardo Primary 2 Ruby – Mathematics
Charlene Siawira Primary 2 Emerald – Mathematics
Timothy Joseph Primary 2 Good Effort – Mathematics
Willson Jhonas Lay Primary 3 Emerald – Mathematics
Novrelya Clara Sidik Primary 3 Sapphire – Mathematics
Feivel Sugiarto Primary 4 Ruby - Mathematics
Annabella Charlene Huang Primary 4 Emerald – Mathematics
Vania Theola C.P. Primary 4 Good Effort – Mathematics
Jelliane Anggra Primary 6 Ruby – Mathematics
Grade Award
Primary 2 Silver Trophy
Primary 4 Silver Trophy
To all participants, we congratulate them as well for being risk-takers and well-balanced, the two important IB Learner Profiles we develop in our school.

The Magical Ice Castle GR

The Magical Ice Castle
On 28th and 29th of April 2017 marked two of the most memorable events in Bina Tunas Bangsa School. These two exciting days have now become a very momentous and rewarding experience especially for all those involved in this huge biannual occasion – from the student participants to all the production teams and committees, parents, administrators and management alike.
It was an unexpectedly surprising and spectacular success. Despite the daunting challenges faced by participants and teachers alike, the show did go on and everyone stepped up to make it what it was – two magical nights that enthralled and entertained the audience! Tickets were already sold out a week before the play dates.
To everyone who gave their full support, we wholeheartedly say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making ‘The Magical Ice Castle’ a huge success.
To all our student participants, may you never cease to believe that a true and loyal heart is what creates ‘magical’ moments and memories in our lives.
Written by: Ms May Apua Duffell

Grade 5 Team Building Camp : A Remembrance !

The Team Building Camp is one of the highlight activities of the grade 5 students. This activity is very special for us because this is the first time that we are spending the night away from our parents and our beds at home.
Last January 13 and 14, 2017 were the most awaited days for us grade 5 students. It was our Team Building Camp. The theme for this year's camp was "Together, Everyone Achieves More !".
We started our program full of energy with our dance and theme song.
Ms.Paul, the principal of Middle and High School, emphasized to the campers the true meaning of being a leader. We were inspired to carry out different activities that were prepared for us.
During outdoor activities, the six competing teams battled each other in different team work games. All the activities were fun but what we enjoyed most were the volley balloon and the water relay because they were really entertaining and we got the chance to get wet. The excitement, joy, and happiness were all shown in our faces as we completed our tasks.
As the Team Building program came to an end, our homeroom teachers congratulated us for our cooperation and enthusiasm while we performed the different activities. The Orange Team was declared as the overall champion for this Team Building Camp.
The Team Building Camp is an activity worth remembering for us grade 5 students because we learnt a lot on how to become a leader and how to collaborate with others. Thanks to all the teachers and staff, especially to our class advisers, Mr. Dennis and Mr. Joseph, as well as Ms. Bansal, for supporting us in our journey of learning.
By : Marchella (Grade 5 - Ruby) & Heidi (Grade 5 - Sapphire)

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