We are happy to inform you that the JISMO 2016 results.
This year, BTB School is proud to announce that there are eighteen medallists from our school, namely :

Name Grade Medal / Subject
Akira Dante Primary 2 Diamond – Science
Josh Micah Wahyudisheno Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Annabelle Zoe Gunawan Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Charlene Siawira Primary 2 Sapphire – Science
Nadine Octavia Sudjarwo Primary 2 Good Effort – Science
Novrelya Clara Sidik Primary 3 Good Effort – Science
Feivel Sugiarto Primary 4 Emerald – Science
Vania Theola C.P. Primary 4 Emerald – Science
Akira Dante Primary 2 Diamond – Mathematics
Dave Auddric Riccardo Primary 2 Ruby – Mathematics
Charlene Siawira Primary 2 Emerald – Mathematics
Timothy Joseph Primary 2 Good Effort – Mathematics
Willson Jhonas Lay Primary 3 Emerald – Mathematics
Novrelya Clara Sidik Primary 3 Sapphire – Mathematics
Feivel Sugiarto Primary 4 Ruby - Mathematics
Annabella Charlene Huang Primary 4 Emerald – Mathematics
Vania Theola C.P. Primary 4 Good Effort – Mathematics
Jelliane Anggra Primary 6 Ruby – Mathematics
Grade Award
Primary 2 Silver Trophy
Primary 4 Silver Trophy
To all participants, we congratulate them as well for being risk-takers and well-balanced, the two important IB Learner Profiles we develop in our school.