The Magical Ice Castle
On 28th and 29th of April 2017 marked two of the most memorable events in Bina Tunas Bangsa School. These two exciting days have now become a very momentous and rewarding experience especially for all those involved in this huge biannual occasion – from the student participants to all the production teams and committees, parents, administrators and management alike.
It was an unexpectedly surprising and spectacular success. Despite the daunting challenges faced by participants and teachers alike, the show did go on and everyone stepped up to make it what it was – two magical nights that enthralled and entertained the audience! Tickets were already sold out a week before the play dates.
To everyone who gave their full support, we wholeheartedly say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making ‘The Magical Ice Castle’ a huge success.
To all our student participants, may you never cease to believe that a true and loyal heart is what creates ‘magical’ moments and memories in our lives.
Written by: Ms May Apua Duffell