The Team Building Camp is one of the highlight activities of the grade 5 students. This activity is very special for us because this is the first time that we are spending the night away from our parents and our beds at home.
Last January 13 and 14, 2017 were the most awaited days for us grade 5 students. It was our Team Building Camp. The theme for this year's camp was "Together, Everyone Achieves More !".
We started our program full of energy with our dance and theme song.
Ms.Paul, the principal of Middle and High School, emphasized to the campers the true meaning of being a leader. We were inspired to carry out different activities that were prepared for us.
During outdoor activities, the six competing teams battled each other in different team work games. All the activities were fun but what we enjoyed most were the volley balloon and the water relay because they were really entertaining and we got the chance to get wet. The excitement, joy, and happiness were all shown in our faces as we completed our tasks.
As the Team Building program came to an end, our homeroom teachers congratulated us for our cooperation and enthusiasm while we performed the different activities. The Orange Team was declared as the overall champion for this Team Building Camp.
The Team Building Camp is an activity worth remembering for us grade 5 students because we learnt a lot on how to become a leader and how to collaborate with others. Thanks to all the teachers and staff, especially to our class advisers, Mr. Dennis and Mr. Joseph, as well as Ms. Bansal, for supporting us in our journey of learning.
By : Marchella (Grade 5 - Ruby) & Heidi (Grade 5 - Sapphire)