Chinese New Year, "Spring Festival" in modern China, is celebrated to honor deities as well as the ancestors.
In BTB, it is our tradition to celebrate this festivity with the rest of the world. It was held last 26th of January 2017, headed by all our Chinese language teachers.
Everyone came in their Chinese attire or wore red to match the vibe of the occasion.
The Celebration kicked off with the famous Lion Dance, traditionally performed to honor guests, with red envelopes given to the performers to observe the Chinese custom to fend off bad spirits. Student performances from different levels followed, with a showcase of their talents in both Chinese traditional dance and Chinese contemporary music. Loud cheers and claps covered the entire hall as the performers gave their best.
As the performances came to an end, the students went back to their respective classroom to receive oranges. The bright orange color of the fruits symbolizes 'gold', hence wishing the students good luck and wealth in abundance.
By: Erin & Olivia ( Grade 8 Einstein)

This Chinese New Year, we grade 11 students opened a food bazaar on the fourth floor. Ms.Sheryl, our CAS Coordinator, assigned us to different tasks for the bazaar. 
Some of us cooked, while others prepared the food. Some even helped clean up all the mess we made !
On the D-Day, we prepared a lot of things since the morning. We cleaned the cups, plates, utensils, and the tables, and we cleared the classes so our customers could enjoy having lunch in the bazaar. When the Chinese New Year celebration started in the hall, a lot of primary and middle and high school students came to check us out.
We were flood with customers, but with teamwork and coordination, we were able to control the crowds.
At the end of the day, we cleaned the class and washed the utensils (again !), and counted our profit. From this activity, I feel more experienced in serving a different range of customers. I feel food knowing the profit we received would be donated to a rehabilitation center.
By : Clariesa (Grade 11 Einstein)