It was raining the day the Promenade was held. A long trail of lights from the cars ahead of us flared red, bringing us to realize that we were going to be late for the much-awaited event. The sound of fingers tapping anxiously could be heard throughout the rest of the trip. Relief surged through us as we arrived at Pullman Hotel on schedule.
The first thing that caught our eyes when we entered the ballroom was the stage. The stage was prominent with blue and silver ornaments arrayed strikingly. Group after group of students and teachers arrived, and it was surely a refreshing sight to see everyone al dressed up. Prom began with the MCs, Mr.Leo and Ms.Hazel, saying their introductory message. The night progressed in such a fluid manner that time seemed to fly just like that.
Performances were given by students from different classes, each and everyone of them enticing in their very own way. A special one, though, was presented by the teachers as they sang a mashup made of songs in three different languages. It was truly a night to remember.
By : Audreylia & Natasia (Grade 11 Newton)

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