Student council is an organization consisting of exceptional and trusted students to lead the school. It plays a significant role in representing the students to both local and international communities. To officially celebrate the new generation of leaders, BTB conducts a special ceremony for all council members to be able to voice out their devotions in front of the whole BTB community. This directs the spotlight towards the student council as bthey are the stars of BTB that everyone looks up to. All of the council members receive special ties and pins to represent their responsibility as leaders. Being part of student council may seem cool. However, it actually bears many heavy responsibilities that need to be carried out. - Audreyana Ariella (Grade 11).

"Being part of the student council is a big achievement of mine. At first, I joined student council for granted; that is, for the tie and the pin. However, I have realised the importance and responsibility of being a member." - Bianca Razendra (Grade 10 Einstein)

" Running for the student council had taught us a great deal of experience, one of which is that we have to be tough and open-minded even in the face of perceived failures. The challenges we faced taught us that nothing is easy to achieve unless you work your heart out!" -Richie and Satya Dhira Alfa Teja. (Grade 11)