Student Council Election Day by Claire Grade 11
After the three candidates for the student council president truthfully campaigned about their visions and missions, followed by their heartwarming speeches on 27th of July 2017, came the voting of the student council president on 28th of July 2017. Student from each class where called to vote for their choice. Right after the last student voted, the Grade 12s gathered all the votes and tallied them. With the candidates watching the Grade 12s tally the votes, thick tension filled the air as there was as slight difference in the votes! Teeth chattered as the Grade 12s where emptying the last bit of the ballot. At last, the Felicia Jordan and Shivansh Paul pair triumphed.

After The announcement, the candidates, who where competing against each other, came together as one, forming the student council team to serve the students and the school.

Serving the student body while maintaining top notch grades is a tough path to follow. Fortunately, with our exceptional team coordination and efficient time management, we can rely on each other. We hope to install more character in our school. - Audreyana Ariella (Secretary) and Dorothy Angdinata (Treasurer)

It wasn't an easyvictory. It was a great fair fight as the other candidates had a very good campaign. I'm very privileged to be the vice president of the Student Council and would like to continue serving the BTB community with all of my assets. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and all candidates who worked hard. I hope that we continue succeeding in the future. - Shivansh Paul (Vice President)