There are four main reasons why the ECY department celebrates United Nations Day. We want our students to understand the value of unity among their friends and other classes, to be aware of the different cultures of the countries they represent, to increase in their confidence in sharing their talents through their performances, and to ultimately have fun during the celebration.

Students and teachers came along in their glamorous and colorful costumes for the program, which kicked off with the students waving their flags in procession. The best part was the performances: students shaking and swaying their bodies in various cultural dances. Even our dear parents rendered unprecedented surprise dance performances. These really made our students happy.
Ms. Sonia

Colorful costumes and wonderful dances filled the entire program. Countries like South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Philippines—you name it! All of them presented such amazing presentations. The theme, "Investing in Peace around the World," carried a powerful message that we will never forget our entire life. Not to forget the cherry on top: the teachers performed a special number that was sure to prove that they can dance gracefully despite their busy times teaching their students.

Well, that's a wrap! Everyone did a splendid job. It was so good, I felt like dancing a million times more. This year's Primary UN Day celebration will always be in our hearts and minds.
Gloria 5 Sapphire