As the student council president, I participated in the celebration of Indonesia Independence Day as part of theflag-raising squad. After all the time and energy we poured and sacrificed in preparation, the day finally arrived. Together we marched forward to the scene where we raised our national flag.

The synchronized sound of our parade was pleasing to hear but the loud sound of my heartbeat was deafening to my ears. It was too loud. I was too nervous but I could not help it. All eyes were on us. I could fell everyone's gaze sending chills down my spine. Every second felt like and eternity. But even before I realized it, everything was over.

It was over, but I was still staring blankly at the sky, surprised that I did not make a single mistake. It was a victory for us, all the time sacrificed for practice had paid off. The long hours spent under the scorching sun and the taste of dust mixed with sweat was unpleasant, but now all of those seemed worth it. It was a succes that I have never felt before. The feeling of joy mixed with dignity for I was honored to be able to serve my country the way I never did before. Also, I was able to develop new skills as this responsibility was a new challenge for me. I was able to recognize the benefits of working collaboratively not only with my classmates, but also with students of different grades.