On October 28, my friends and I joined a program to help build houses for the less fortunate. We worked together with Habitat for Humanity in small groups of twelve. Each group was assigned to help construct one house. 

This was my first experience in building something real and big, first-hand. I found this experience exciting and enjoyable. At first, I didn't know how to do certain things. However, once the person-in-charge showed me how, I was able to follow the steps and managed to complete the tasks.

There were various tasks that each volunteer can do, from building the foundation of the pillars to stacking up concrete bricks to build a wall. In my opinion, the most difficult task was building the wall because it required lots of energy. However, I persevered because over time it became enjoyable. During the process, I was able to mix real cement that was used to glue the bricks together to make a concrete wall by using water. It was a rare experience that I could only get during this activity.

I had fun with all of my other friends. We were able to show great teamwork by looking after each other during the activity, making sure that none of us were hurt during the process, because constructing a house is quite a dangerous job.

Even though I was not able to help build the house until it was completely finished, I am really happy that I could be of help.

Veronique E.
Grade 12