During the preparation for ICAS, Mr. Dennis encouraged me by giving me extra after-school lessons for a month. During my preparation, I made sure that I was physically ready. I kept calm and ready every question and checked each question twice until the time ran out.

When I heard I won the gold medal in science and bronze in math, I was surprised and felt very happy, My parents were also so happy when they heard about it. I thank God, my parents, BTB School, and Mr. Dennis. 

Feivel Sugiarto ( 5E )

The girl, no more than 12 years of age, with eyes that threatened to let her inner crities take over, looked utterly restless to the outside world. She thought of the people who put her down, who did not believe in her. Then she pushed them away. It was the day of the writing competition, and she needed a clear mind. A blank paper lay before her. But even after countless days of mental preparation, she could think of nothing. She looked out and the clouds said hi, and the birds chirped good afternoon. Then she started writing.

Ideas can come from the little things, and it is the determination that counts. Today, the girl, no more than twelve years of age, held her head up high, a gold medal hanging by her neck. Your body achieves whatever your mind believes, she thought to herself. Never ever ever give up.

Leannah Jeriel Cubia ( 6E )