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    During the preparation for ICAS, Mr. Dennis encouraged me by giving me extra after-school lessons for a month. During my preparation, I made sure that I was phy...

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    Ms.Nameeta Bansal Primary School Principal (1967 - 2017) Forever in our hearts......

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    On October 28, my friends and I joined a program to help build houses for the less fortunate. We worked together with Habitat for Humanity in small groups of tw...

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    United Nations Day

    There are four main reasons why the ECY department celebrates United Nations Day. We want our students to understand the value of unity among their friend...

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    Teachers' Day

    We interviewed Ardelly Yangsen, a student from Grade 6 Einstein, who had the best seat in the house to the event. Her favorite p...

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In August, I competed in the 2nd National Hapkido Championship joined by more than 200 athletes from all over Indonesia. Since I didn't win the previous competition, I practiced very hard for the whole year until I felt I was ready. I was so nervous until I found a way to calm myself down y humming a Charlie Puth's song slowly while waiting for my turn without caring that my competitors were listening. With all eyes looking straight at me while I was performing, I tried to collect as much courage I had so I could do my best. 
Finally, with the support of my family and my coach, I won the fold medal. Tears of happiness rushed down my cheeks soon after I knew the result, as my hard work finally paid off. I am hoping to improve and achieve more in the next competitions !

Natasha Shanice Chanaka
Grade 12

BTB School

BTB offers an education with everything required to forge good men and women. Our graduates are young people who understand the value of the concept of a global citizen and who can put those skills to use in our increasingly small world. BTB School inspires and encourages every child to become his best self.

The fundamental values of good schooling haven’t really changed over time. It’s through the creation of remarkable learning experiences combined with energetic, dedicated staff that results become a reality.

BTB has constructed a learning program that blends rigour and experience through doing, a wonderful balance that the staff is dedicated to maintaining as an integral part of how this school functions.

The values of BTB are important to the school’s ethos and these are to be preserved and celebrated. The rich and diverse co-curricular program is an important part of developing the all-round personality of students.


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