Learning at BTB Schools

BTB Pedagogy

It is the quality of teaching that makes the difference to a child’s educational outcomes. The BTB Pedagogy (our teaching methodology) is a product of extensive research, gained from classrooms across the globe, into what motivates students and how students learn best. It is at the forefront of all that we do, as we aspire to motivate every child to achieve individual and collective excellence. The following factors form the pillars of the School’s pedagogical framework:

Catering for individual differences
Research shows that children learn multi-dimensionally. BTB teachers provide a range of ways for students to learn a subject, so that their individual differences in learning styles can be catered for.

Providing structure and feedback
Children need boundaries to thrive, therefore our teachers deliver structured lessons with clear objectives, expectations and task stages to form a learning environment where each student knows what to expect. By encouraging questioning, asking the right questions, leading students to their own answers and providing affirming and constructive feedback, students have a sense of security and freedom to be themselves.

Enhancing personal bests
BTB teachers expect high standards, stretch students abilities, set goals and coach students to persevere, which is the key to discovering and enhancing their strengths and abilities. Healthy competition between students is also encouraged to make the personal quest to achieving excellence, fun.