BTB Students, Parents and Teachers

BTB students

The freedom a child feels to be himself/herself, the respect a child has for himself/herself and that people have for him/her, enable him/her to act on his/her developing personality in an appropriate fashion.

BTB students are motivated to do their very best and see the School and all its relationships as an avenue for them to achieve their own potential and contribute to the journey of others. Our students pursue excellence and celebrate success.

Our students are resilient learners and understand that they have a responsibility to turn disappointment into action. By their actions, they contribute towards the unique learning environment of their school and the BTB classroom.

The BTB student is respectful of the learning environment and values the leadership of the teacher and the rights of his/her classmates.

BTB parents

Parents support and interact with the rhythms of their child’s lives, serving as role models and reinforcers of the learning that takes place at the School.

BTB parents’ come from diverse backgrounds and share a common goal with the School to help their children successfully negotiate the transition from childhood to youth.

In choosing BTB, each parent through his or her behaviour and example, strives to demonstrate understanding and reinforces the stated aims and values of the School. They act in partnership with school staff to provide the best support for their children both at home and in the school context.

Parents encourage their children to engage actively in the life of the school, to make the most of opportunities offered, to strive for personal and collective excellence, and to make choices consistent with school values.

Whenever possible parents volunteer their support within the BTB community.

* We include the roles of carers and guardians in this simplified term, ‘parent’.

BTB teachers

Who teachers are, how they perform in effecting and modelling learning and how they relate to students, are all very significant in framing the engagement of students at the School.

BTB teachers enable students to find their place in a world that has endless challenges and opportunities. They engage their students in thinking, in doing, in accepting others and in being at one with themselves.

Our teachers inspire our students to value learning and help them set personal educational goals. They give the children the confidence to achieve their goals. They bring a range of academic expertise and life experiences to their classrooms. They are passionate about their subjects and about teaching. This is reflected in their energy and enthusiasm and in the diversity of their teaching practice.

Our teachers are aware of the emotional development and particular needs of children. They affirm and reward learning and empower and challenge their students. At the same time they encourage creativity and foster collaboration and peer learning. They use teaching strategies that are flexible and accommodating and that cater for different ability levels. Our teachers encourage student-centred learning and have high expectations of their students.

They model excellence in all that they do.