The Grade 6 to 10 academic program is broad-based and balanced, ensuring your child will be well prepared for his/her studies in Grade 11 and 12.

Core subjects
In Grade 6 to 10, all students study the following core subjects:
  • English – develops critical and creative language skills involving study of a wide range of texts and fostering of the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Mandarin – gives an opportunity for students to master a foreign language.
  • Bahasa Indonesia – To understand and learn the native language of the country they live in.
  • Commerce – challenges students in areas such as Economics, Accounting and Business Studies.
  • Mathematics – plays a central role in emerging technologies and develops students essential numeracy and literacy skills. These skills help them make sense of the world.
  • Science – diversity, sustainability and conservation are key elements of this course.
  • ICT (Information Communication and Technology) – equips the students with latest skills in the field of modern technology.
  • Physical Education – equips them with the tools and strategies to deal with stress, conflict, health and lifestyle issues.
  • English Speaking Skills, Religion and Civic Responsibilities subjects are also a part of curriculum.
The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is issued to all Grade 10 graduates who meet the requirements of the certificate. Students are also issued with a statement of results, which outlines their Grade 9 and 10 courses and results.